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Lead paint removal – What are your options

Exposure to lead paint can cause significant health problems for you and your family. Many homes built between the 1960s and 1990s were painted using this material. When left alone the risk is rather low, but once the paint starts to chip or has been worn down after years of wear and tear, then it can become a hazard. If you’ve already had a professional test your home to confirm traces of lead paint, keep reading for some lead paint removal options.

All Clear Environmental Staff In Hazmat Suit Removing Lead Paint On Outdoor Windows

Do not remove lead paint on your own

Unsafe Led Paint Removal On Window By Child

Removing lead paint on your own is one of the most common ways adults can get lead poisoning. This is why it’s extremely important to get a professional to manage the lead paint removal process. Minimize your risk of lead poisoning and get lead paint removed in your home with All Clear Environmental’s lead paint removal services.


Encapsulation involves painting over the existing lead paint surface with safe paint. The new paint is watertight and seals the lead paint within. This is the most cost-friendly option that many people choose. Although it’s less costly than other methods, this option is most likely to wear down as well and eventually come off.

Encapsulation Lead Paint Removal Technique


Man Installing Drywall For Enclosure Technique For Lead Paint Removal

This method involves covering the lead paint surface through the installation of a completely new material such as drywall. Aluminum or vinyl cladding can also be used as well for this method. If you plan on remodeling or removing the new surface in the future, the lead paint that lies beneath will still need to be dealt with eventually.


Getting lead paint completely removed is a complex process that requires a variety of safety precautions. Depending on the situation, home evacuation might be necessary during the removal process. Wire brushes, hand scraping, heat guns, or paint strippers can be used for this method. Under no circumstances should a flame, power washer, or machine sander be used for the removal as this can release hazardous particles into the environment. If a machine sander is used, it needs a HEPA attachment.

Lead Paint Removal With Hand Scraper


This option completely removes and replaces all surfaces to which the lead paint has been applied. This means installing new doors, windows, floorboards, etc.

People Replacing Windows As Lead Paint Removal Option

Do I have to remove the lead paint ?

Gloved Hand Removing Lead Paint


Although removing lead paint is strongly recommended, technically, doing nothing is an option for your home. The most important thing is that the paint is in good condition. If there is no chipping, peeling, damage, and no children under the age of six are exposed to the area, you can leave the area with lead paint untouched.

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Decided on removing the lead paint and your home? Contact All Clear Environmental to make the removal process safe and stress-free. We have over 10 years of experience and we have been industry leaders in Ontario ever since.