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Different types of mold in your home

What are the different types of mold ?

Did you know that there are more than 100,000 different strains of mold that have been identified by researchers?  Each of these strains falls into one or more of three categories:  Allergenic – triggers allergic reactions and asthma attacks in people who already suffer from allergies.  Pathogenic – cause symptoms in people who have immune system disorders or a serious illness  Toxigenic  – the most dangerous type and can cause serious health issues, even in healthy people At All Clear Environmental, we want to share our knowledge of mold and mold remediation. Let’s talk about the different types of mold found in homes and how our mold remediation services can help you! There are some that are more likely to contaminate your home than others. Here are the most common types of mold found in homes: 

mold removal expert scrubs the wall


This type of mold is widely known as “black mold” because it is greenish-black in colour.  Stachybotrys is a toxigenic mold that grows in wet conditions. An outbreak is likely to occur if exposed to cellulose-type materials such as wood, drywall, or even stacks of damp leaves. 

mold around the toilet


This is an allergenic type of mold that is commonly found under sinks and along tub and shower bases. Wetness usually lingers in these areas, making them ideal growing conditions.  Alternaria spreads quite quickly, so it’s important to clean it as soon as possible. Any type of all-purpose cleaner that contains bleach should do the trick! If you’re dealing with an uncontrollable spread, contact our team! 

mold in the window's corner


This is a very common type of allergenic mold that usually grows on damp surfaces. There are more than 150 types of aspergillus mold that exist, but it’s not easy to tell which one it is. It’s best to clean up any mold you spot as soon as possible before it spreads. 

mold removal expert checks mold


Acremonium mold can be found in wet condensation lines and drainage pans of HVAC systems. It usually takes the form of a dry, powder-like substance.  Eye irritation, breathing problems, pneumonia, or even arthritis can all be signs of exposure to acremonium. If you suspect you’re being exposed to this type of mold, call in a mold remediation specialist to do some testing.  

mold removal expert tears away wall to reveal mold


This is an allergenic mold that commonly grows on textiles such as carpet and upholstered furniture, but can also be found under sinks and inside cabinets. It grows in shades of green and brown with a soft appearance.  High indoor humidity levels create a growing environment that can cause a mold outbreak of Cladosporium. 

mold in the corner

Ontarios’s trusted leader for mold removal  

If you’re dealing with a mold outbreak in your home, turn to professionals for help. When you choose to work with an experienced team, we will be able to identify all the affected areas and make sure the mold doesn’t continue to spread.  All Clear Environmental is a fully licensed and insured mold remediation company that has been serving Ontario for over 10 years. We offer free estimates and competitive pricing for our services.  If you’re looking for a team of mold remediation professionals to get the job done right, contact our team to get started.