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We specialize in the Removal, Remediation, and Testing of Mold for Residential and Commercial Projects.



    All Clear Environmental offers thorough mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal services all across Ontario. It’s important that if mold contaminants are found in your home or workplace, they’re tested and effectively isolated as soon as possible. If your property has a mold problem that’s been identified through a professional inspection, it’s in your best interest to get qualified experts to do a mold remediation.

    When Should You Get a Mold Inspection?

    • – After Recent Water Damage
    • – Before Real Estate Transactions
    • – If You Smell a Stale, Musty, or Earthy Scent
    • – Post Mold Remediation

    If you suspect signs of mold in your residential or commercial property, contact the certified mold testing and remediation experts at All Clear Environmental.

    Asbestos testing, sampling & removal

    Our team of certified asbestos testing and asbestos removal experts can help collect and test samples to determine whether your residential or commercial property has asbestos. All Clear Environmental can help properly assess the prevalence of asbestos, the risks of exposure, and are qualified to perform Type I, Type II, and Type III asbestos abatements.

    The only way to guarantee that your space is free of asbestos is to have the asbestos sampled, tested, and removed by qualified professionals. Please avoid touching or disturbing the materials without professionals present as this might release asbestos fibres into the air. If you believe that you might have asbestos-containing materials in your home or office, contact All Clear Environmental today.


    The health risks associated with mold and asbestos exposure are serious and should not be taken lightly. Both asbestos and mold materials can cause long-term health complications such as lung irritation, skin rashes, and even cancer if left unchecked in your home or workplace.

    To ensure the safety of you and your family, it’s important to hire experienced and qualified industry experts to perform thorough sampling and testing. Hiring the same company to test and remove asbestos and mold can also make the entire process that much easier. All Clear Environmental is equipped with the trained professionals, equipment, and experience to do it all. Don’t take chances with your health and well-being. Contact All Clear Environmental for reliable, professional mold and asbestos testing and removal services. Protect yourself and your family from the potential health risks of these materials.

      Asbestos & Mold FAQS

      When it comes to mold and asbestos, the removal should be handled by trained professionals. Working with professionals ensures the materials are properly contained and disposed of. With mold and asbestos removal, it’s important to follow proper safety protocols to minimize the risk of exposure and prevent the spread of contamination. A professional company like All Clear Environmental can handle the removal process safely and effectively. Contact us today to get started and breathe clean air again.

      To prevent mold and asbestos from returning, it’s important to address the underlying cause of the issue. This can include fixing leaks, improving ventilation, and maintaining proper humidity levels in your home. Regular inspections can also help identify potential issues before they worsen in the long run.

      It’s generally not safe to live in a home with mold, especially if the mold is visible or you’re experiencing respiratory symptoms. Mold can cause health problems, and it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. A professional inspection and removal process can help ensure that your home is safe and healthy for all occupants.

      Asbestos testing typically involves collecting samples of materials from a home or property that may contain asbestos and analyzing them in a lab. This can be done through various methods, including air sampling or surface sampling. It’s important to use a professional company like All Clear Environmental for asbestos testing, as proper safety protocols must be followed to minimize the risk of exposure.

      Asbestos removal can be dangerous if not done properly by trained professionals. Asbestos fibers can be inhaled when they are released into the air, which can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. Improper asbestos removal can lead to contamination of other areas of your home or workplace. It’s important to follow proper safety protocols during asbestos removal to minimize the risk of exposure. This includes wearing protective gear, sealing off the work area, and properly disposing of contaminated materials. It’s always recommended to hire a professional company like All Clear Environmental for asbestos removal to ensure that the process is done safely and effectively.

      What causes Mold Growth ?  

      Mold can often appear following water damage or flooding. Whatever the cause, it’s important to take immediate action to reduce, localize, eliminate the spread. The conditions that are most likely to contribute to the inoculation of mold in your home include:

      It may be difficult to properly assess these conditions in your home, so we’ve included some signs and symptoms to look out for:

      Don’t underestimate the danger of mold in your home. It’s important to take fast action to properly remove the mold and clean the air in your home. Contact us today if you need fast and effective mold removal services.

      Professional mold remediation services 

      All Clear Environmental has over 10 years of experience in mold remediation having done hundreds of residential and commercial projects in Ontario. We have the skill set to help you get rid of mold in your property using professional removal, remediation and testing of mold.

      Our trained and certified staff will start the mold removal process by doing mold testing to find out the types of mold affecting certain areas. As soon as we identify the affected areas we then proceed with total isolation of these areas to ensure the health and safety of your family. We also make sure that mold spores don’t spread all over the rest of your property and ensure that all debris is removed safely.

      All Clear Environmental is fully licensed, insured and mold removal experts and we offer some of the most competitive fees in all of Ontario. Get your free estimate today by filling in the estimate form or simply call our certified inspector at (519) 575-9033 to book a free Inspection.

      Health implications of mold exposure  

      As soon you discover signs of mold in your property, you need to address it right away – especially because it has serious health issues for children and seniors. Exposure to mold in your home can cause a variety of potential health concerns, including:

        • Allergic Reactions
        • Headaches
        • Skin Irritation
        • Respiratory Problems
        • Rashes

      Depending on the type of molds and the length of exposure, some molds can cause much more severe reactions and can result in organ toxicity, mold-induced asthma, chronic respiratory complications, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The most severe complications can come from prolonged exposure to black mold. Nonetheless, you should treat all molds the same when it comes to getting them removed from your home. Contact the mold removal professionals at All Clear Environmental to properly assess your mold and take care of all of your mold remediation needs.

      Mold Removal FAQS

      Mold is a type of fungus that can practically grow anywhere with moisture and oxygen present. Mold grows in a multicellular structure and reproduces via spores which can be spread through either the air or water. It grows best and is most commonly found in humid, damp, and wet conditions.
      Although it has its benefits, long-term exposure to asbestos can lead to a wide variety of health risks like cancer and lung poisoning.

      Mold needs a damp, humid, or moist environment along with organic material to establish itself and grow. Common causes of mold growth inside a home include: leaks in the roof, poor ventilation, plumbing complications, and high interior humidity.

      Asbestos poisoning, otherwise referred to as “asbestosis”, is a chronic lung disease that occurs from prolonged exposure to asbestos. Asbestosis decreases the elasticity of the lungs and creates a scar-like tissue which makes it more difficult to breath.

      The only way to confidently confirm the presence of asbestos is to get a sample tested by an accredited asbestos laboratory. It’s strongly recommended that if you suspect that you have asbestos in your home that you leave the testing and removal of asbestos to certified and licensed professionals. Contact us to have your home inspected by our team of asbestos removal specialists.

      The cost of asbestos removal services will vary based on several different factors. The size of your home, the equipment required, the risk level, and the scope of work are all aspects that can influence the cost of an asbestos removal job. A rough estimate for the average asbestos removal service in Ontario can cost somewhere between $10 – $15 per a square foot of the building.

      Keep in mind that this cost will vary from one service provider to the next and will change based on the previously mentioned factors. Contact us for a quote for our asbestos removal services!

      There are three types of asbestos removal or abatement operations – Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

      Type 1 operations involve the lowest risk of exposure and require the least amount of expertise, while Type 3 is the highest risk of exposure and requires more specific training.

      Certification is only required for all individuals and supervisors involved in a Type 3 asbestos abatement operation. However, asbestos awareness training is recommended for all individuals that perform Type 1 and Type 2 operations.

        Do you suspect asbestos in your property? 

        If you suspect the existence of asbestos in your property, contact our staff today by filling out the estimate form or simply give us a call at (519) 575-9033 and our certified inspectors will provide you with a free on-site inspection and estimate. From there, we can properly  test for mold and asbestos and perform any mold removal or asbestos removal services.